MMO Apathy

I guess I am one of those content junkies who gets bored too easily.   I haven’t ever really thought of myself that way, but I am experiencing one of those slumps right now.  Nothing really interests me right now.  I am in a funk with WoW…I can’t get into Champions Online…I have no desire to go back and play WarHammer…in short…I’m in MMO limbo.  I have been reading books on my Kindle and playing around with some shockwave games recently, but just can’t seem to get into anything.  I was sorely tempted by the recent announcement by Sony to investigate the “Go back to the Past” with the latest EQ patch.  The thought of going back to a lvl 50 and experiencing the Pre-Kunark content was definitely a temptation.  Get the uber Froglok Bone Caster Robe in lGUK or the Lamentation sword and have it mean something…sounds definitely interesting.  Honestly…I wish they would take it a step further.  Make an “Old Content Server”.  Similar to how they did it with Stromm when that server first came out, but take it one step further.  Set up a No Twink server that only explored the old content.  Then, offer a one-time free transfer to a full content realm server if they want.

Maybe I am just fondly remembering the “Golden Olden Days”…I know the game isn’t anything like it was originally…I know that I am not the same person I was back then…but I still have a sense of nostalgia for the wonder and awe I felt those first days exploring Norath.  I wish someone would take us back to those days…Before we were so jaded about MMO’s and before we had been disappointed by Vanguard and WHO and before we had been brainwashed by WoW.  I know it is hoping in vain, but I still long for those days.  I don’t know that there is any way to do it other than to maybe do something like what I suggested and have a “Retro” server with old content only or something.  Maybe one of the games will do that.  I would love it to be Sony with EQ.  If anyone is out there listening…you would have at least one “Oldtimer” seriously thinking about coming back if you did something like this.

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  1. Ysharros says:

    D’oh! I never even knew you had a blog! Found ya now though. ;)

    From my experience, MMO slumps are often just … slumps. It’s not the games, it’s me, and a couple of weeks later one of those games might suddenly be interesting again. What it usually is for me, is a sign to go find something else to do for a while — read, write, try a new hobby, stuff like that.

    Your mileage may vary wildly. ;)

    • admin says:

      hehe Yeah. The Kindle is my hobby right now. Of course as the weather starts to turn a bit chillier (according to Genda, anything above 30 is balmy) I will start working on my crochet projects again. :D

  2. Genda says:

    I think you’ll start getting back into it, now that the guild drama is over.

    Why is there drama in every guild?

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