Remembering Matthew Carmen Sellitto on 9/11

Matthew Carmen SellittoMatthew was about to celebrate his twenty-fourth birthday when his life was tragically cut short on 9/11.  He worked the Trading Desk at Cantor Fitzgerald on the 105th floor in Tower One at the World Trade Center.   In spite of his fear, he reached out to his family that day to tell them he loved them.

“You can’t survive on hate…you have to survive by doing something good”.  These words were spoken by the father of Matthew Sellitto in 2007.  After reading about his son, I think he would have agreed.  

His family have set up a Scholarship fund in Matthew’s memory to honor him at MCS Foundation.  Since its inception in 2002, the Foundation has awarded 45 awards to young people attending various educational institutions and summer programs including Middlebury College, NJIT, Harvard, Bucknell, Seton Hall Prep and Camp Dudley.  Donations can be made through the site or by participating in their annual charity golf tournament.

September 11 has been designated a National Day of Service.  I encourage anyone who can to reach out…help someone in need.  In the days following the tragedy, Matthew’s mother, a member of Key Club, looked for ways to help others suffering from this tragedy.  Can we do less?  Honor the memory of those whose lives were tragically taken on 9/11 to embrace this day as a day of reflection and gathering together to help others.  Remember this day not just for the tragedy, but for the sense of brotherly love and unity that we all felt.  That more than anything else is what I try to embrace every year on this date.   We as a nation came together in love and sadness and fellowship.   Use this day as a time to reflect, to help, and to embrace your fellow Americans.

I first became aware of Matthew in conjunction with Project 2996.  My husband wrote a memorial to another survivor on his blog, The Grouchy Gamer, and I felt an overwhelming need to join this cause and do my small part to help honor the memories of those whose lives were lost that day in September.

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