Shockwave Games…Why they have my favorite Flash Games so far

Occasionally, I take a night off from MMO gaming and like to play online flash games.  I usually end up playing games on Shockwave games.  They offer a couple of options for play.  With Shockwave, they allow you to play some games online without having to subscribe or for a monthly subscription fee, they allow you to download any of their games and play them.  In addition, they lock some games as “exclusive” to club members (subscribers).  They have a lot of options for non-subscribers to play, but of course I find myself gravitating to the “exclusive” games.   I have included a list of some of my favorites further down in the post.

It’s very smart on their side.  They release new games as “open” and then when they become very popular, they flip them to “exclusive”.   I assume that part of the money paid for the subscription goes to the game developers and I appreciate their efforts.  That is an assumption and may in fact be wrong.   While they do offer many games that can be played online without subscribing, many of the very fun games are subscription only.  They have made the subscription very attractive for an annual fee ($29.95/year for unlimited play paid in advance).  If you go month to month, it doesn’t seem like quite such a good value ($5.95/month). Another nice feature is they give subscribers a chance to offer a 30 day free trial to their friends.

One benefit Shockwave has over other sites like Popcap games is that Shockwave adds new games constantly.  They also have “daily” puzzle games (The Daily Difference, Daily Jumble, Daily Jigsaw, etc.) which keep their games fresh.  Popcap on the other hand doesn’t refresh their game lineup very often.   It may have more to do with Shockwave being the Biggest game (pun intended) in town, but I definitely feel like they have more to offer for a subscription service.

Another twist that Shockwave has added to their mix is giving “tokens” for some of their games.  These tokens can be used to enter drawings for real world cash.  The one complaint I would raise is they are pretty stingy with the tokens considering they aren’t really worth anything.  Reading the other comments by players, that feeling is pretty universal.   They have also added achievements to their games so you can win trophy’s for your trophy case.  It’s a meaningless feature, but a fun challenge.

I have listed my Top 10 Shockwave games below with links.

  • 10.  Fashion Solitaire -  Cute Card game with a fashion twist.
  • 9.  Jo Jo’s Fashion Show -  You work to design fashions and then have the fashion show and take pictures.
  • 8.  Tower Up – Fun Tetris like game where you are also building high rise buildings.
  • 7.  The Daily Diff – Compare two photos and find the differences.  Challenge to beat the best time.
  • 6.  Super Text Twist – Kind of like Boggle.  You work to find as many words as you can from a set of letters.
  • 5.  Mahjong Panda – Classic MahJong game where you are also trying to please a Pleasantly Plump Panda.
  • 4.  Top Chef – Compete with other chefs to complete challenges and fight to make the best meal and please the judges.
  • 3.  Jumble Solitaire – Classic Jumble from the paper with a solitaire playing twist.
  • 2.  Puzzl3D – You take Tetris-like pieces and build as many lines as you can in one version and try to clear set patterns in the daily version.
  • 1.  Patchworkz! – It is a quilt building game (appeals to my love of sewing) and also a puzzle game as you try to fit pieces into a shape and create the quilt design.

That’s my list.  There were a few honorable mentions – Chuzzle, Bejeweled, and Connecto, and the list could go on and on.

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